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About Us
Subscape Aquarium is a retail store that features a magnificent gallery that will take your breath away. With an abundance of beautiful aquascaped tanks throughout the shop you’ll notice that Subscape demonstrates their ability to capture the beauty of nature through the art of aquascaping- leaving their customers utterly inspired. By providing unique, innovative and reliable products, Subscape allows their customers to easily create their very own beautiful piece of living art that they can admire in their very own home.

Subscape’s products are sourced from all over the world and have on offer some of the highest quality and reliable products available in Australia. Subscape also has one of Victoria’s largest range of healthy tropical and coldwater fish. They are also renown for being an aquatic plant specialist selling a vast variety of common and rare plants. With stock arriving weekly, health and quality are of upmost importance and is second to none.

Justin, the owner and founder of Subscape Aquarium has used his knowledge gained from his wealth of personal experience to combine both a breathtaking gallery with a beautiful retail shop. This provides inspiration to all who walk through...

A winning combination of: WHERE NATURE MEETS LIVING ART!


Creating a piece of artwork


A beautiful aquascaped aquarium in your home or business can create a sense of peace and harmony allowing you to escape from your stressful day and transport you to another world, one of peace and tranquility.

With the appropriate advice from friendly and knowledgeable staff, Subscape can guide you through the steps to keep your aquarium looking at its best. However if you prefer, they also offer a full in house maintenance service, enquire in store for more information.


With plenty of stunning aquascapes on display in their gallery, Subscape has been an enormous inspiration to many aquarists. With an edge, uniqueness and creative ideas, Subscape is a force to be reckoned with. They are growing from strength to strength and ultimately changing the way we see the future of underwater gardening.

Our Philosophy

Aquarists who are passionate for their craft

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" by Lao Tzu

Open your eyes and see the beauty that surrounds you, inspiration comes from everywhere

Subscape Aquarium’s philosophy is simple..

To encourage imagination, creativity and to be passionate about what we do so that we can leave a positive imprint in the aquarium industry. To always be honest, trustworthy and committed to provide excellent service is something we pride ourselves on.


A Story in Chapters

"Over the years our audience has grown much stronger and it's become easier for us to tell a new story."


Containers for Symbolic Meanings

"Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order."


What's been happening with us

Our Shop

Subscape boasts a reputation for their wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, reliable advice and honesty. Another one of Subscape’s strengths in the aquarium industry is their ability to provide outstanding customer service with a positive focus on an enjoyable customer experience. They go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and their aim is to guide their customers through a simple, hassle free journey to bring out the artist in everyone.


Subscape aquarium aim’s to provide their customers with the best range of quality aquarium products at competitive prices to suit everyone’s aquatic needs. With a large range of products such as filter, heaters, lights, water conditioners, fish food, driftwoods, rocks and much more, Subscape is definitely a shop for all your aquarium needs.


Subscape Aquarium stocks a large range of quality brands that they have trialed and tested over the years. This ensures the operation of the products are hassle free and are of highest quality and is suitable for all their customer’s individual needs.


Health and quality are of upmost importance!

Subscape has one of the largest varieties of healthy tropical and coldwater fish in Victoria. With over a hundred different species of fish ranging from your common goldfish to the more exotic, its no wonder customers enjoy walking through the aisles choosing the perfect addition to their aquarium.


Live plants help furnish and complete the look of tanks, as well as providing shelter and hiding places for timid and shy fish.

Subscape Aquarium is renown for their wealth of plant knowledge and for being an aquatic plants specialist. They stock an extensive range of both common and rare aquatic plants and have at least 40 different species of plants in stock at any one time.


Providing the correct diet is essential for fish health, growth and vitality.

Subscape Aquarium stocks a large variety of quality fish foods for all your tropical and coldwater fish. Flakes and pellets from reputable manufacturers, a large range of frozen foods and live food such as blackworms and brineshrimp (arriving weekly) are just some of the extensive selections of foods available at Subscape.


We offer an in-house aquarium maintenance service, we'll take care of all the hard work.

We offer a comprehensive water analysis service that will help take the mystery out of water issues

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Our Team

Meet the folks that make it all happen.


  • Owner and founder of Subscape Aquarium.

  • More than 20 years experience

  • Great knowledge of fish, plants and aquascaping


  • Photographer

  • Admin/Marketing


Great knowledge of fish, plants and aquascaping


Great knowledge of fish, plants and aquascaping


Great knowledge of plants and cichlids

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